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Medieval little towns, castles, steep rocks and cosy wine pub, beautiful hiking trails are waiting for you.

The Mittelrhein-Eventagentur Ltd. is specialized on planning and organizing stays and trips along this part of the Rhine Valley.

Please use our experience and service for a comfortable trip. We look forward to making manifold programs for you and we gladly consider and implement individual wishes. You will enjoy the highlights of this area. We also offer guided tours - this is a selection:

Medieval Bacharach

Castle and town wall are well preserved but how did people live in medieval Bacharach? Learn more about old occupations and life in this little town.

Guided tour: ca. 1,5 hours. Charge: € 70

Oberwesel – Town of towers and wine

Get to know Oberwesel on a guided tour of about 1,5 hours. Imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages by hearing the history of Oberwesel legends, stories and anecdotes.

Guided tour: ca. 1,5 hours. Charge: € 65


Boppard – a gem on the Middle Rhine

Get to know Boppard better on a guided tour. Make yourself familiar with features of Roman, medieval und romantic Boppard.

Guided tour: ca. 1,5 hours. Charge: € 75



Who is not reminded of Drosselgasse and merriment with wine when hearing of Rüdesheim?! Learn more about the history of Rüdesheim and prominent people who fell for that little town and ancedotes that are connected with Rüdesheim.

Guided tour: ca. 1,5 hours, Charge: € 75


Loreley – In the heart of the world heritage

You learn about the myth Loreley and much more on a guided tour of about one hour. A guided walk to other vantage points is also offered.

Guided tour: ca. 1 hour. Charge: € 65



Middle Rhine: Individual arrangements

We offer guided hikes (Rheinsteig, Rheinburgenweg, circular route), coach trips and/or boat trips. You get to know the fascinating landscapes and little towns of the Middle Rhine Valley. Let us know your individual interests and we make a programme according to your wishes. Duration and charge on demand.




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